about me.

Rachel. | 16. | Vancity. 


Greetings internet. Just your average teenage girl here with a love of food.. who also happens to have a passion for health and nutrition. Balance is key in my lifestyle -- I enjoy clean eating for the most part, but alongside I like to indulge and explore all the different, amazing cuisines out there. So hey, join me on my journey to a healthier, happier life. (:

I am by no means a professional food critic (in fact, I'm just a wannabe haha), but I hope you enjoy my reviews as I march my way through restaurants across Vancouver. I'm not a terrific chef either, so the recipes I'll be sharing are mostly adapted from other (amazing) bloggers who I give all credits to!


my inspirations..

+ Lindy Tsang (bubzbeauty)
+ Cassey Ho (blogilates)

my favourite..

+ cuisine: Japanese, Korean
+ food: sushi
+ drink: green tea
+ dessert: cheesecake
+ snack: bubble waffle

+ colour: light blue, purple, pink
+ animal: panda, dog
+ band: 2ne1


contact me...

+ email: momentswithrae@outlook.com


  1. I loove your blog, especially the design!! I found you on the blogilates app and I just get so exited spotting popster bloggers because I am one too! Please check mine out!

    1. Thanks Raizel! Your blog is amazing, keep it up. (: